Morton County Health Department

Here are a few of the many services the health department provides.

  • •Kan-Be Healthy Screenings
  • •Day Care & School Physicals
  • •Women’s Health Care
  • •Allergy or Prescribed Injections
  • •Immunizations for all Ages
  • •Blood Pressure Screening
  • •Flu Clinics
  • •Discounted Laboratory Testing
  • •Day Care & School Physicals
Medical Clinics

“Morton County Health System owns and operates three medical clinics. We are very fortunate to have three modern and comfortable clinic facilities in our rural setting. Two are located in Morton County in the Elkhart and Rolla communities. The third clinic is located across the Oklahoma state line in the Keyes community.”

Morton County Hospital

“Morton County Health System is known far and wide for its excellent, highly skilled medical staff and quality services. People come from all over the tri-state area for the kind, caring, professional attention given by each staff member.”

Special Care Unit

The Special Care Unit is “specifically for those who are experiencing significant memory loss and confusion or behavior problems. For example, if your family member is having problems with wandering, pacing, repeating questions, is unable to focus their attention or keep their attention on any one task at a time, they might be the type of resident that could benefit from our facility.”

Assisted Living

This faciliy consists “of 14 assisted living apartments and 6 independent living apartments with spacious living, dining and conversational areas and an in house beauty salon. Our basic resident services are included in the monthly fee and personalized services offered for an additional fee.

Morton County Care Center

“Adjusting to new surroundings is never easy, especially for those who are leaving their homes and moving into a nursing facility. At Morton County Care Center, we pride ourselves in making the adjustments as easy as possible for both the resident and family members.”

Geriatric Psychiatric Unit

The hospital based “Geropsychiatric Unit provides services to the geriatric patient who needs inpatient psychiatric care in a structured, therapeutic environment. The services are provided under the supervision of psychiatrist, Olivia Iway, M.D. The focus of the care is multidisciplinary in nature.”

Optometrist-Steven D. Graham

Dr. Steven Graham has been proudly serving the Liberal and Elkhart, KS communities for 14+ years! Dr. Graham is available in Elkhart on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Denist– Dr. Hart

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